Blade’s most surprising power comes from making him an essential Avenger

Blade has just revealed a surprising ability that will make him an essential Avenger as the Marvel Universe faces a new influx of evil variants.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Death of Doctor Strange: Blade # 1!

Because Blade joined the Avengers, he struggled to find his place among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but Marvel recently revealed that Eric Brooks has surprising power, which could make him a huge asset to the team in his new fight. . In The Death of Doctor Strange: Blade # 1, now on sale in print and digital, readers learn Blade can detect extra-dimensional beings by their smell.

Since its first appearance in Tomb of Dracula # 10, Blade worked on the fringes of the Marvel Universe, hunting down Dracula and other vampires across the globe. After Dracula began to consolidate his power in the wake of the Vampire Civil War, Blade joined the Avengers. It wasn’t an instant adjustment, as the Daywalker wasn’t sure exactly how he fit in with Thor and Captain Marvel. That changed, however, when Dracula created the vampire nation at Chernobyl. The vampire lord then sought official recognition of his new country, and the United Nations agreed, but on one condition – Blade was to become the new “sheriff” of the vampire nation, keeping the vampire legion in line.


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Doctor Strange, mortal enemy of Dracula and vampires everywhere, was recently assassinated, and as The Death of Doctor Strange: Blade # 1 opens, the vampire nation throws a party like it’s never had before. Blade, in his role as sheriff, watches over the festivities, barely hiding his disgust and almost hoping for a fight to break out and give him an excuse to kill vampires. Blade makes his wish come true when the group is besieged by extra-dimensional creatures. Almost instantly, Blade can tell that these beings are from another dimension, and not vampires, by their scent. Blade then heads to town to send them off, trying to keep order at the party. The issue is written by Danny Lore, with illustrations by Dylan Burnett, colors by Mike Spicer and letters by Travis Lanham.

Comic book fans know that Blade possesses many vampire powers – including their enhanced sense of smell – but his actual experiences in the Marvel Universe have taken him to the next level. Blade’s new ability to instantly detect beings from other dimensions opens up exciting possibilities for his teammates in the Avengers. Earth is regularly invaded by extra-dimensional entities, and Blade’s ability to detect them solely by smell is a valuable asset. With Avengers # 750 revealing that the Avengers are set to be attacked by the Multiversal Masters of Evil (and with increasingly variable timelines in the comedic fashion as the MCU brings this idea to shows like Loki), there has never been a better time for one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to tell who truly is from Earth-616.

Tragically, this revelation about Blade’s powers comes at a time when his daily involvement with the Avengers is at an all-time low, thanks to his new role as sheriff of the vampire nation. Despite this, he’s still officially on the squad roster, and so future stories might see the Daywalker forced to choose between keeping Dracula in check and offering his unique talents to identify imposters and incoming threats. As the Avengers begin their excursions into the multiverse in their own title and new miniseries Avengers forever, BladeThe ability to detect extra-dimensional beings by smell alone could be a huge asset.

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