“Bingeability” of TV series to be measured

Gracenote, part of global data and market measurement company Nielsen, is set to launch new analytics tools that will measure a TV show’s bingeability.

The goal of these new metrics is to provide the content market with insight into the characteristics of programming that are driving consumption as well as historical availability.

The offer will look at the following to gauge the consumption of specific streaming and broadcast series:

Bingeability – Measures the average number of TV episodes watched per day to quantify viewers’ propensity to consume multiple episodes in a row.

Loyalty – Captures the number of minutes and percentage of available content viewed per month to highlight the viewer’s likelihood of remaining loyal to a program.

Program Similarity – Identifies programs that are similar to other programs based on similar thematic characteristics, audience ratings, and historical performance.

Using this data, streaming services and networks could optimize slate management – determining what content is best suited for viewer acquisition versus what’s best for viewer loyalty.

Additionally, it can offer insight into the types of programs that resonate best with certain audiences and identify underserved viewer segments. More details can be read by clicking here.

Source: PR Newswire

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