ACT seeks extension for license renewals

“I have sent Police Minister Chris Hipkins a letter urging him to extend firearms license renewals in light of the massive backlogs,” the law reform spokeswoman said. ACT Firearms, Nicole McKee.

“There are thousands of people waiting up to a year for their permits to be processed, some still waiting after two years.

“The situation is out of control and becoming dangerous. Licensed gun owners must take their guns out of their safes, put them in the trunk of their car, and drive across the country to store them in the safes of other gun owners licensed fires to avoid breaking the law.

“The delays have gone on so long that some people who held firearms for others whose licenses have expired are now reaching a point where their own licenses are about to expire.

“At this point, the concern should be whether this process creates more safety issues than it solves. The focus should be on safer communities.

“I asked the Minister in Parliament two weeks ago if the government would extend gun licenses because of the massive processing delays. He said he “would not rule out such measures at this stage.” He must act now.

“People applying and paying for licenses are not criminals, they just want to harvest food for their families, control pests or play sports.

“They should not be punished because the police were unable to process their licenses in time. There should be an extension while the licensing regime is fixed so that law-abiding gun owners can safely deal with their firearms until processing can catch up.

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