A Peculiar Cloud Snap Has Convinced People It’s A ‘Portal To Another Dimension’

Michael Allotta spotted an unusual formation in the clouds above his house, with a distinct blue patch in the sky, and he’s convinced he saw a portal to another dimension

A man believes he has spotted a ‘portal to another dimension’ in the sky above his house

A man was shocked when he spotted a strange and unusual cloud formation over his house, and after sharing the photo with his friends he is convinced it is a “portal to another dimension“.

Michael Allotta, 40, walked out of his house last week and looked up, shocked when he saw a distinct blue pattern among the clouds.

It appears to be an almost neon color, rather than the sky’s natural shadow, and formed during a recent thunderstorm.

Michael, from Sydney, Australia, is convinced it’s something supernatural or sci-fi and said the most likely explanation is that it’s a “portal to a another dimension”.

It really does look a bit scary


Michael Allotta/ CATERS NEWS)

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Michael said: “As we watched the storm build up, we were just sitting on the back deck listening to the thunder.

“I noticed it just to the right of the house, it was a large bluish and green section of the storm which usually indicates hail.

“I don’t know if the sun was setting in the west, where there were breaks in the clouds that helped the color, but that wasn’t something I had seen before.

“And it certainly wasn’t a flash because he had been there for a while.”

He went on to say, “It was kind of weird but awesome to watch.

“There’s been a lot of good feedback and fun theories.

“It depends on one of the following, Thor, aliens, or a portal to another dimension.

“We just finished watching the Netflix series ‘Manifest’, so it fits that narrative.

“I’m sticking to a portal.”

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