A one-dimensional plot saved by skillful action

Story: During a covert operation in Syria, Lieutenant Commander James Reece’s 12-man platoon is killed in an ambush. Reece soon discovers that their information was solid, but there is a sinister conspiracy involving corporations as well as the government that has led to disaster. He goes after all those responsible, with the help of a journalist who wants to find out the truth and his closest friend.

.Exam: The show opens with Lieutenant Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt) planning a covert operation in Syria, followed by a fight in a tunnel. Things go awry when the team is ambushed and killed. Reece and another soldier, Ernest Vickers aka Boozer, survive and return home. Lt Commander realizes his memories of the episode are conflicting, but senses something is wrong and refuses to believe that it was misinformation that led to the team’s obliteration.

Through a reporter, Katie Buranek (Constance Wu), it is revealed that there is indeed an insidious conspiracy involving corporate giants and the government that has led to the disaster. Reece swears revenge while facing his own condition after such a deadly fight, and takes on the culprits one by one with his close friends and former comrades, aided by Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch) and Liz Riley (Tyner Rushing).

The series is based on the novel of the same name by John Carr and opens with a lot of promise. The tunnel fight is filmed perfectly and will have you sitting on the edge of the seat. Soon, however, things run out of steam. The conspiracy build-up is intriguing but feels unconvincing and half-baked when revealed. Obviously, the focus is purely on action and other themes that could have added more layers to the show and the main hero remains unexplored. The series could have been a success without the very fine plot and the ease with which Reece manages to eliminate some of the most influential people.

Chris Pratt returns to the small screen after Parks and recreation, and seems convincing as the man on a mission. It’s obvious he’s worked hard to train for the role and is quite the action hero James Reece is meant to be. Due to the traumatic episode and some other events that followed, there was potential for a big character arc, but with only revenge in mind, Reece seems one-dimensional. Pratt’s chemistry with Taylor Kitsch is worth mentioning. Constance Wu as a reporter also gives a powerful performance.

This show is for you if you like high octane action, don’t care too much about the plot and can ignore the flaws.

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